Skinoto Protective Cream SPF25

Protective Cream SPF 25 - $49.99 USD

This innovative oxide-free UV absorber is a aqueous-suspension liquid which is micro-capsulated. Protects skin against UV damage.

Wow, what a lot of scientific words. Translation, this is a very excellent sun protecting cream that is made without nasty oxides so it’s better for you and the planet and it works very, very well.


Apply lightly and tap onto entire face.  Do not stay too long under the sun even while using a sunscreen product, it’s bad thing for your skin.

Like this product? Well a very good & way to get someone to buy it for you is to share it socially. Men (bless ’em) aren’t good at subtle hints, sharing this on your social media is as good as stamping it on their foreheads.

You need to know this:
The difference between cheaper and more expensive brands of cosmetics is 
usually the active ingredient or ingredients in the product. Most ingredients you see on a products label serve an inactive role like stabilising or giving a specific colour, smell or texture.

Less is sometimes more
Without compromising any quality or stability issues we keep this ‘stuff’ to a minimum in all our products and put the most effective amounts of the active ingredients in there. Such higher quality products last longer, work better & because of this represent better actual value.

Sophie’s pinky promise
We use the maximum effective active ingredient or ingredients in all our products, this is what the difference is between cheaper products and Sophie Chin cosmetics. When you buy a Sophie Chin product you’re getting maximum value for your money.

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