Canaan Dead Sea Bath Salts



“We can’t all hop on a plane to the Holy Land to get the benefits of bathing in the dead sea, our bath salts mean you don’t have to. Put them in your bath and it’s the real thing”

You’re welcome
xxx Sophie

CANAAN Dead Sea Bath Salts

CANAAN Dead Sea Bath Salts - $19.95 USD Twin Pack

The waters of the Dead Sea abound with salts that are truly legendary for their powers of rejuvenation and the pampering relaxation they afford anyone lucky enough to bathe in them. Enjoy the Dead Sea experience in the privacy of your own home.

21 minerals and Canaan’s unique, naturally-formulated CSE Complex™ combine to form a luxurious Bath Salt product that converts your bathtub into a spa.

You will receive 2 X 500g packs

Fill bathtub with warm water. Allow generous amount of crystals to dissolve. Sit back and relax. It is recommended to remain in the bath for up to 15 minutes. Consult with your physician if you suffer from high blood pressure.




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