About Sophie Chin Cosmetics

sophie-chin-logoSophie Chin Cosmetics is a business born from passion and experience. As I traveled Asia I was always curious about the people, sure the sights and entertainment were interesting but it was people that really engaged me.
The one thing all women have in common is the desire to look their best and this was an easy thing to talk to women about wherever I was in the world. It’s always met with enthusiasm and almost always fascinating too.

I have learned a lot, from fighting pimples with toothpaste (put it on a pimple before you sleep and it’s gone on the morning!) to how Geishas put persimmon fruit in baths for its antiseptic and deodorizing benefits. Not all things work (the two above do) and not all things work for all people but do for some and this one of the things we’ll always be honest with you about.
We are slowly building a solid base of products from the knowledge I have gained. Our first range is the Japanese inspired Skinoto range and I hope you’ll check back often to see what we’ve found for you.


About me

1533915_553637871395963_327762472_nI am Sophie Chin, yes Sophie Chin is a real person LOL!
I am not the sort of person who likes to talk about myself too much so I’ll keep this brief.
I am originally from Cambodia and I am very lucky that I get to travel a lot. During my trips I like to talk to local people and find out their beauty secrets and about their lives too.
It’s not only my business, it’s also my passion and for this I am doubly blessed.
I am a mum and have two gorgeous daughters, the baby Rachel is one year old so not so much of a baby really and Ingrid who is four, a very chatty four, a very, very chatty four, you can always hear her before you see her.
I normally get to take them with me on trips, it requires a lot of planning but I know they will grow from the experience and so it’s worth the effort.
I have always been passionately interested in beauty products, I am an independent minded woman but I love the gentler more feminine side of me and I just loooove to indulge myself with new lotions and potions. Finding new ones and sharing them with you is about the most rewarding thing I can think of doing. I have to keep a rather low profile because if I was too well known I worry that people would stop telling me their secrets.
Wow, that’s quite a lot about me isn’t it? I’ll leave it there before you all nod off.


On the road….to Mandalay

The Jade Market in Mandalay, we know something new about Jade and beauty and it’s coming your way soon.