Sophie says...

I travel the world looking for unique beauty
& cosmetic products.
Then I bring them to you .

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So who is Sophie Chin?

I am! Yes Sophie Chin is a real person. Sophie Chin Cosmetics is a business born from passion and experience. As I traveled Asia I was always curious about the people, sure the sights and entertainment were interesting but it was people that really engaged me.

The one thing all women have in common is the desire to look their best and this was an easy thing to talk to women about wherever I was in the world. It’s always met with enthusiasm and almost always fascinating too.

So what’s happening Sophie?

Well you can learn about our existing and new products in my Sophie’s Secrets blog. You can learn about what we have in development and also the story behind any of our products we have online already.

We have had a busy 6 months and a few products we have in development are going through the strict approval process with the relevant licensing and government regulators. We’ll be announcing some big things in the new year.

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